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Rolls Royce
I have been so lucky to get a chance to work for the Bentley Motors and Bentley Motors INC (The North American division) a few times. This time its the digital presence for Rolls Royce 2017 that har been on my screen. Just a few subtle samples for now as parts are launch but there is more to come.

For those who live and breath cars will notice correctly that there are some 2016 models in the design examples. This has been replaced not to show off the full design as it will launch in November. Its a great honor to get to work with the people at Daimler who are super passionate about their brand and products again. What more can a car and auto fanatic like me ask for?

Transporting the brand online
When you see a Rolls Royce in real life you instantly will be amazed by the design, details and the attention to perfection. You experience the leather seat made from selected areas where there are little to none bugs so its perfect. You smell the new car smell, see the star lit roof and all of this make the Rolls Royce what it is. But how do you transfer this experience online?

Still UK craftsmanship
All is in the details

Showing perfection

Rolls Royce has a high amount of detailed photos and video material that I used to paint the canvas. The level of macro photos that got into tiny details is not something all car brands can or should do but it was perfect to illustrate the quality and communicate what set Rolls Royce apart.

As the web was in a transition from one year to the next it had to be able to transform and update more or less seamless but still communicate the details of the new models came out and it was easy to see the updates. I kept the design in black and used the light in the design to create an exclusive feeling. It was as said an amazing fun project and great people to work with. Hope to work more with Rolls Royce in the future and thank them for their trust.

Rolls Royce design desktop